We are committed to measuring our impact, and engaged an independent evaluator to design our impact measurement as built into the delivery of our programme.

Initial research suggests Universify’s programme is having a positive impact on students.

Aspirations to Education

We asked students ‘How likely are you to apply to a highly selective university?’ before and after the course. There was 78% increase in students very likely to apply to highly selective universities, and an 89% decrease in students ‘not very likely’ to apply to highly selective universities.

Changing Perceptions of University

We asked students for a single word they associated with ‘university’ at the beginning and end of the course. Student’s perceptions shifted from thoughts of university life as ‘hard’, ‘stressful’ and ‘busy’ to viewing university as ‘challenging’ requiring ‘perseverance’ and ‘dedication’. Students also left the course associating university with independence, passion and growth.

Impact report

To find out more about our impact, please read the impact report.

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