If you’re a student or recent student we need you to help us achieve our aim of educational equality

Being a Universify coach allows you to gain invaluable skills and experience whilst making a huge difference to students across the UK.

If you would like to volunteer for Universify apply to be a Coach.

What does being a Universify coach entail?

We are looking for current or recent university students for our year-long programme, which involves:

  • A week-long Summer course
  • A three day Easter residential
  • Monthly coaching via Skype or phone

As a volunteer coach you will receive:

  • Coach training
  • First Aid and safeguarding training
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the residentials

For further information about volunteering opportunities with Universify please see the roles we have on offer.

Universify was a joy and privilege to be part of. I felt supported and valued as a coach and volunteer which enabled me to make the most out of my time there, but also created a friendly and relaxed environment for the students. The running of the whole programme was very smooth and Universify as a charity overall felt like one which was able to ensure that the end result matched up with it’s inspirational intentions, and one that is sorely needed. The commitment to monthly coaching and a reunion after 8 months is what makes the coaching so unique, and the best part of the experience was seeing the students rise to the challenges put before them and their appreciation of the whole week. Molly Hale, Universify volunteer

What are we looking for?

We have volunteer roles for people with a range of experience in working with young people and outreach. We are looking for Course Directors, Group Leaders and Universify coaches to deliver our course.

In all of these roles we are looking for volunteers who have experience in access or outreach work with a genuine passion for promoting educational equality and an enthusiasm for Oxford.

Proactive and personable, people-centred and positive, you will share your passion for education with our students.

You need excellent organisational and time management skills, and the ability to work as part of a team.

The drive and motivation of the children who attended is infectious – it brings a great sense of pride and accomplishment when the student you are coaching tells you that you have really helped them. Saskia Campbell, Universify volunteer

What is Coaching?

Coaching is all about self-directed learning and empowerment. Coaching aims to help someone achieve their goals and unlock their future potential. A coach helps a coachee focus on where they are now and how to get to where they want to in order to reach these goals. By focusing on the future Universify coaches assist their coachees in working out how they can reach their academic goals and aspirations. Universify coaches empower their coachee to find the answers and take the actions to reach their goals. As a Universify coach you will receive thorough training from a certified coach, there will also be regular coach meet ups throughout the year you act as a coach to share experiences and continue to learn and grow as a coach.

We are currently looking for the following roles

Course Director

The Course Director oversees the smooth running of the course, making sure excursions, evening activities, and group work is organised and delivered successfully. The Course Director oversees the team of volunteers, working with them to make the students’ time as enjoyable, engaging and memorable as possible while staying at Oxford. The Course Director acts as the point of contact on-course for parents as well as being responsible for overall student welfare and discipline during their time in Oxford. The Course Director works alongside the Programme Co-Ordinator to deliver the programme. For more information on the role please see our Course Director job advert.

Group Leader

The Group Leader is responsible for a group of around 20 students during the residential courses. They are the first port of call for student discipline and welfare issues. You will work closely with a team of Universify coaches to ensure the students have great time and get the most out of their time on the course. Group Leaders lead activities, working with the Course Director to ensure the smooth delivery of the course. Group Leaders also act as coaches for Universify students. For more information on the role please see our Group Leader job advert.

Universify Coach

Universify coaches accompany students on evening activities, help run group work and act as coaches for up to 3 Universify students. Coaches are on hand to share their university experiences and make sure students are happy, healthy and enjoying the course. For more information on the role please see our Universify coach job advert.

The best bit about volunteering for Universify was seeing how much the kids were enjoying the week, making new friends and embracing all the new experiences and opportunities it offered them. I definitely wish I’d been on a summer course like this when I was in year 10! The kids’ desire to get the most out of the week even extended to the coaching, which I’d feared might be a bit awkward, but turned out to be really positive – the kids actually wanted to talk about their goals and how to get there, and with Universify’s help I’m sure they will and more. Curtis Crowley, Universify volunteer

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