We are looking for motivated Year 10 students unsure about whether university is for them to take part in our year-long programme.

By attending our programme you will become a university student for a week in the summer, and gain a true experience of what it is like to study at a top university and how you can make it to a highly selective university, with the help of a Universify coach.

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What is the Universify programme?

Are you unsure about whether University is for you?

Universify’s year-long programme is designed to give you a true university experience, while helping you achieve your academic goals and gain the best possible GCSE results. Our programme involves:

  • A week-long Summer course in August
  • A three day Easter residential focused on your upcoming GCSEs
  • Monthly coaching via Skype or phone with a Universify coach

I had the opportunity to work at university level, as well as to meet amazing new people (friends and staff). I had so much fun during the lessons and activities, and really feel honoured to have been selected for this programme. Universify student 2017

Who can apply?

We are looking for current year 10 students with the potential to do well at GCSEs (6 or more B grades in the old system or 6 subjects or more at 6 points in the new system). If you’ve got the potential but maybe not the belief or desire to apply to university then we’re probably looking for you.

If you are interested in the course you can register your interest at the bottom of the page. Once you have registered your interest we will check your school’s eligibility before we get in touch with a teacher at your school, who will act as the lead teacher.

Currently we have a limited number of spaces on the programme so cannot guarantee all registrations of interest receive a place on the course. Initially preference will go to students from schools in the target areas of our partner colleges, but we will try our best to accommodate and consider as many students as possible as we look to expand Universify to give as many students the opportunity to experience university.

Everyone in the group agrees we were extremely fortunate to participate in such a great opportunity that has caused us to mature into more insightful students and build not only a strong set of friendships but a sense of family and community where everyone aspires and is welcomed. The staff help promote and support this acting more like siblings (the less annoying kind) ad close friends. Francis Adam, Universify student 2016

Register your interest in Universify

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