For more information please contact Alex Whitton, the Programme Co-Ordinator at Universify at

Please include:

  • your name
  • your school
  • whether you are a student or a teacher

We would like to build relationships with teachers at our target list of schools who can help us identify suitable students from Year 10.


Eligible students:

  • have the potential to do sufficiently well in their GCSEs (6+ B grades) to make a viable application to a high-demand university
  • may be in danger of falling short of their potential
  • might be unsure of whether to apply to a high demand university

Priority will be given to students who are from less traditional university backgrounds.

For a copy of our 2016 policies and terms and conditions please see the links below:

Universify Summer Courses Policies

Universify Terms and Conditions

Universify Rules and Discipline